The council's statistics show that $44.72 million worth of building consents were issued in the first six months of this financial year, compared with $30.78 million in the same period in 2001-02. The number of consents issued increased by 13 percent, from 574 to 652. Although Nelson had been experiencing growth for some time, Mr Witte said the trend had been "more pronounced in the last 12 months." He said the subdivisions currently being developed in Nelson were at the "higher end of the market."

When people were paying a lot more for a section, they tended to build higher-value properties on them as a result, he said. Nelson property valuer Barry Rowe said today the shortage of existing houses for sale in Nelson was prompting a lot of house-hunters to build instead. He said the houses being built were generally quite a bit bigger - and hence more expensive - than they were a few years ago. Real state persons or the expert conveyancers both do the most import work that needs to get complete with full right process called as the process of conveyancing.

The number of houses allowed in the rural coastal area of the Tasman District will more than triple if a draft council plan is adopted. A draft proposal for a new rural 3 zone was released yesterday. It includes an "in principle" commitment to key infrastructure services. Any property has faults that conveyancer sydney records that and informs their client about that defect which will help him to improve. The real estate valuers also have a very important role to play in finding the fair market value of the farm land that is being planned for purchase. It is proposed that gravel roads in the area will be upgraded and sealed, a new sewerage scheme constructed, and a new coastal water pipeline built.

The rural 3 zone currently contains around 590 houses. It runs from the Moutere Inlet and Kina Peninsula south to the margins of the Waimea Inlet, and inland to the catchments boundary with the Waimea Plains and Redwood Valley. An area of land in the middle of the zone, close to Mapua, will retain its rural residential zoning. However, any new developments in that area will have to pay the same levies as those in the rural 3 zone, as will new developments in Tasman township.